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Your body is designed to hold fat. Kindle is designed to burn it. Targets your fat deposits. Reduces the formation of fat. Formulated specifically for a woman's body.

Your body is designed to hold fat. Kindle is designed to burn it.

When it comes to burning fat, men and women are not created equal. No thanks to evolution, the female body has a greater tendency to store fat and a lesser ability to burn it. That's where Kindle comes in.

Targets your fat deposits

Reduces the formation of fat

Formulated specifically for a woman's body

100% certified and safe for everyday use

Your body doesn't want to burn fat and here's why

Thousands of years of evolution have programmed your body to store fat for as long as it can. It all comes down to a hormone called leptin. In a very interesting cycle, the more fat you have, the more leptin you have. The more leptin you have, the more fat you burn. This cycle is what makes burning fat so tricky.

She who controls the leptin controls the fat

So if more fat means more leptin and leptin burns fat, why aren't we all running around with perfectly toned tummies? Because unfortunately modern evolution has caused us to become leptin resistant. This condition is now believed to be the main biological abnormality in human obesity. The secret? Control it.

Kindle starts the fire that burns the fat

The unique ingredients in Kindle have been shown to reduce and prevent your body's resistance leptin. Thanks to Kindle, you can be sure that your number one fat-burning hormone is working at 100%.

Take your fat burning results even further by using Kindle with any or all of these three great products

Great products are just the beginning

Money back guarantee

Shop with 100% confidence. Every Femme Forme product is backed by our 60-day 100% money back guarantee.

Same day shipping

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is my first time hearing about Femme Forme, are you a real company?

In that case, nice to meet you! We understand your concern. It seems like nowadays there's a new brand popping up on social media every hour. That's not us. Sure, Instagram® is fun - but that's not our focus. Femme Forme is powered by real people working really hard to make really great products. 

Who makes Femme Forme products and where are they made?

We make them! Every Femme Forme product is the result of thousands of hours of in-house research and development. Our team of doctors, dieticians, and nutritionists work together to make sure every product we make is safe, certified, and exactly what you're expecting.

Can I talk to someone before, during, or after I place my order?

Absolutely. We're more than happy to answer any questions you have at any time. Visit the Contact Us page to find a way that works best for you.

Can I use Femme Forme products while pregnant or breastfeeding?

As with any change to your diet or lifestyle, always consult with your doctor before using Femme Forme products if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Can I return my order and get my money back?

Of course. Your order is protected by Femme Forme's 60 day money back guarantee. If you're not 100% happy with your results simply return your order for a full refund. 

How soon will my order arrive?

North America orders usually arrive within 1-3 days. Orders outside of North America usually arrive with 7-10 days. And don't worry, every order comes with a minute-by-minute tracking code so you can follow it right to your door.